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Plaza Mayor, Salamanca (Spain)

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Plaza Mayor is the heart of urban life on the old center of Salamanca (Spain). It was built on a traditional Spanish Baroque style by the architect Alberto de Churriguera.



Like others Spanish squares its a closed space but through the arches, at the four sides, is well connected by streets.

 Its a pedestrian area  and all of the streets are also pedestrian but there are others minor streets that are accessible by car; in addition is possible to reach this place by taxi because in the surroundingsthere are many taxi stop.

Along its perimeter there are shops, cafes, bars and restaurants with terraces for drinking eating while on the center of the square there are benches where people usually sit to socialize, study or to  relax and for this reason the square is bustling during every hour of the day and night.




People are used to make a meeting point "under the clock" (for Spanish “Debajo del reloj”) that is located on the most beautiful sides of the square.

The most beautiful quality of this place is that it's a multicultural space, as Salamanca is a University Town, here we can find people from all over the world to strike up together.

Finally we can say that is a very accessible, comfortable and sociable square for people of different ages.


Monica Basile

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