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Buildings of the World

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Great Public Spaces are the places people remember most vividly, the places where serendipitous things happen, the places people tell stories about. Browse through the public spaces listed in the link below to see what makes places great and why they are unique. 

  • choose your favorite one

  • write (or add) information on your favourite place (enrich and improve what has already been written)

  • add photos (from Google images)

  • add videos (from youtube)

  • find information on the web on the selected place (don't copy and paste please, I will discover you in 3 secs :-)

  • Read and record your text using http://vocaroo.com/ and link or embed your recording at the end of the page 



  (a.a. 2010-11) The world's greatest places in the World 







 (a.a. 2009-10) Famous Buildings of the World 



  (2009-10) Strange  Buildings of the World 




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